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faith outside its familiar walls

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Reclamation at a Glance

helping spiritually displaced people reclaim their role in god's story

We believe that just because you have lost faith in the church does not mean you have lost your faith.

Maybe you're here reading this because  you've left a church, or are starting to explore faith. Maybe you're needing nourishment beyond an establishment, or are simply curious. No matter what's brought you to this place we are here to explore what is possible and help you reclaim what really matters. 

There is a bigger, more beautiful story of faith than what many of us are familiar with...a story in which you play a key part.

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what we are doing to pursue reclamation faith

Reclamation's goal is to create space for exploring new expressions of faith that can be meaningful for those displaced from or on the margins of traditional religious establishments. We want to use avenues of communication and media to tell stories and share experiences. Here are some of the things we are working on to help you reclaim your role in the divine story

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defining and exploring faith for those outside the church

This whole project started with our podcast. This is where we engage with ideas, issues, and questions about spiritual displacement and what it means to live reclamation faith. If you want to learn about the heart behind this project and how we see it playing out, this is where to start!

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