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Alison Raskin

Alison is a former educator, ministry worker, and an all-around boss in so many areas of life. She approaches everything, from work to parenting to friendships to projects, with a huge heart and a desire to see people loved and supported to the utmost.

Alison graduated from Eastern University with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and Fuller Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity. She's married to the clown on the other side of this page, and is mother to a rambunctious, utterly beloved toddler. She has a huge laugh for which you may need to lower the volume on our podcast (we're all about speaking truth).


Josh Raskin

Josh is a California native learning to survive the harsh winters of the East Coast. He's also a pastor, having served churches in Amherst, MA and (currently) Baltimore, MD. He loves thinking about faith and how it plays out in systems and society.

Josh is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego with a degree in Religious Studies and Fuller Seminary with a Masters of Divinity (that's how these two met, BTW). He loves being a husband to Alison and a father to their toddler, as well as cooking, reading too many books, and consuming way too much pop culture in a misguided and futile endeavor to learn everything there is to learn.

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