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We're Looking for New Paths

A Bit About Reclamation

Reclamation Faith is a project that we have recently started to explore faith, community, and spiritual vibrancy in a changing religious landscape. We sense a need, in our hearts and observing the lives of many around us, for new ways of connecting with God and living the way of Jesus in our world today. For many people, religious institutions and traditional churches are places that have become unsafe, unfulfilling, or inactive. There are many who have left church, and who aren't looking back. There are others who are on the margins of their faith communities, not sure whether there is a place for them in the traditional structures. For others still, the programs and proclamations feel irrelevant to their real lives, and they are left wondering whether the Christian faith has anything real to say to their daily experience. 

This is the need we see, and the burden we feel is to ask whether there might be other paths for us to walk - paths of reconstruction. For some, this means finding faith and its practice outside of the institutional church. For many it means supplementing their church life with a space for doubt, questioning, or practicing spirituality in the grittiness of the real world.

Reclamation is all about helping us reclaim our role in God's story, which means seeing all of our life and world as relevant to our spiritual journey. We define reclamation as occurring at three levels:

1) Individuals reclaiming their personal investment in God's way of life

2) A community reclaiming the good, pure message of Jesus from its cultural and institutional captivity

3) Working with God in God's plan to reclaim all of creation for the good, glorious reality it was intended to be

This project is about bringing us together to share and discuss these needs, engage with the barriers, and find hope in the process of reconstructing a holistic, authentic spirituality in the way of Jesus.

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