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Get Involved

Reclamation is not just what we (Josh + Alison) think - it's about all of our stories and experiences. If you participate, your voice will be valued, your story will be encouraged, and your practices will be guiding to others. You will also hear about what others are experiencing and learning as the Reclamation community grows. We grow in community, and we need each other!

With that in mind, we want to create many ways to get involved so that a community can form and all of us can find our role in God's story. We hope to expand this section more and more over time. For now, here are some ways you can get involved in the reclamation journey:

Send - Share - Subscribe - Submit - Support

  • Send us your email at the bottom of this page to receive updates and news about our next steps

  • Share Reclamation Faith on social media - sharing, commenting, and supporting posts grows our reach!

  • Subscribe to the Reclamation Faith podcast and tune in when you can

  • Submit a story - we want to hear from you about your faith journey!

  • Support financially - our patrons help us keep the project going and growing


Spread the Love

A great way to help us launch this project is sending our podcast to those who you think would benefit. Give a shout to those who might join this community!

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